Oi Marì - Matera

The restaurant pizzeria Oi Marì is located in the heart of the "sassi of Matera.” It is divided into different environments dug into the limestone, each with a different shape due to conformation of the cave created by man over the centuries. Originally, new spaces within the cave were created through subtraction, adding to the existing living spaces by removing material from the mother block of calcarenite rock. We like to think that those who created the so-called Sassi rather than add, subtracted matter to achieve a goal. All the rooms are treated in the same way. The beauty of the cave has been enhanced, leaving the limestone completely exposed and introducing a few simple functional furnishings for use. The Framework chair by L'Abbate went along with the aesthetic and functional needs of the project, as the desire was to use a chair that could as much as possible have a light visual impact, with essential lines and that would make the place balanced and elegant. Without losing the materiality of the beech wood that with its color is well suited to the naturalness of the place.

PHOTO: Pierangelo Laterza